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ABROAD Fiduciaire is an accounting and auditing firm, present in Luxembourg since 2002, and a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Luxembourg.

The importance of a trusted partner

Accounting is the basis of the information system necessary for any relevant decision-making. Accounting expertise is a multidisciplinary training that expands and becomes more complex in an international context.

The firm is involved in accounting, auditing, auditing and company creation missions. The added value of its businesses is growing with the changes in the economic sectors. The expectations of financial operators, the rapid evolution of the legal and regulatory environment, the acceleration of the globalization of the economy, the demand for a strong business ethics are all factors that place accounting and financial functions at the heart of economic news.

The missions of the trustee are wide and complete: preparation and preparation of annual accounts, production of accounting documents, contractual audit, miscellaneous accounting missions, participation in the process of preparing accounting and financial information, advice on starting a business, management consulting for growth operations, tax management, etc.

ABROAD Fiduciaire advises you in all the stages of development of your company and in the durability of your professional and personal fortune, with a family office approach. A fully committed team is at your disposal to analyze your needs and respond as best as possible, in line with your budget.

Creation of companies in Luxembourg

To carry out a commercial activity in Luxembourg, the ABROAD Fiduciaire team will explain the specificities of the place and the obligations required for each type of activity. The exercise of a commercial activity requires the existence of a lease that can be set up by Maison Breedewee thanks to its workspaces.

The manager or the director of the company must be a natural person with a business permit. His obtaining is linked to the criteria of good repute, training, diplomas and professional experience. The leader must be able to come regularly to the office to administer the company.

ABROAD Fiduciaire advises you in all the stages of development of your company and in the durability of your professional and personal fortune, with a family office approach being your only interlocutor of trust, privileged and global.

Business opportunities for your development

Our common goal: transform your business idea into an opportunity and participate in your success.

ABROAD Fiduciaire is located at Maison Breedewee, where we are developing a business club in Luxembourg. Our concept aims to bring people together around common personal and professional passions. Every week the organization of events brings together and brings together new actors looking for new projects and opportunities. An environment close to start-ups encourages creativity and generates a lot of positive energy.

If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment, contact ABROAD Fiduciaire by phone at +352 26 67 71 71 or by email at

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