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Breedewee Opportunities

Our securitization company

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Maison Breedewee develops a varied and complete ecosystem to meet the needs of professionals and entrepreneurs as part of their development.

Deploy through Breedewee House

Through our Associates Club, we bring together complementary skills by creating new structures to provide new services to professionals.

At the base of this, and installed directly in our premises, Abroad Fiduciaire allows us to manage the accounting of our clients, to create new structures and to support the managers in the management of their companies.

To complement these services, a new entity has just been created: Breedewee Opportunities S.A., the securitization company of Maison Breedewee. The purpose of this company is mainly to propose a structuring of bonds to companies seeking financing for their expansions.

Based on the observation that the entrepreneur / project leader is constantly looking for funding, we decided to combine our skills to offer this solution to our customers.

Breedewee Opportunities

Secure stocks with Breedewee Opportunities

The latter has two major advantages:

  • The first is a bond issue structuring in a safe and recognized in Luxembourg including a wealth engineering (lawyer, chartered accountant, custodian bank and securitization company). Indeed, we offer our customers a turnkey solution in "plug and play" mode after validation and analysis of projects by our teams.
  • The second is that the company, through Breedewee Opportunities S.A., has access to a product that meets market standards for third-party investors.

Maison Breedewee also assists project promoters in the design of this obligation as well as in the marketing of this title.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Olivier Danhiez by e-mail at which will bring you more details and conditions to join our securitization company Breedewee Opportunities S.A.

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