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Event planning is very important within the professional structures and brings several benefits to your employees, customers and prospects. It is a very effective communication tool that makes it possible to make known, to inform, to test, or simply to federate.

Why organize corporate events?

The opportunity is to expand the network of contacts, to network, to increase the links between the different employees / collaborators and to participate in the well-being of each guest.

In direct connection with the impact of event communication, any corporate event will have a positive effect on brand awareness. By creating an event related to your industry, inviting prestigious speakers and a relevant audience, you offer the image of a company that makes a reference in your sector and earn seriousness and credibility from your customers , partners and prospects.

Strengthen the links between collaborators

The different professional events: conferences, seminars, meetings, parties, etc. improve the motivation of the guests and the fate of their usual surroundings. Maison Breedewee regularly organizes events as part of its Business Club to broaden meetings between professionals and develop business opportunities.

Whether classic events or more fun, the goal is to bring meaningful information to those present and to involve them more in the life of the company to increase their sense of belonging.

Organized evenings are also the perfect context to thank and celebrate as a group some successes. Objectives achieved, progression, anniversary dates, allow to highlight his team, and to congratulate the whole society.

The human before technology

Despite the trend of massive digitization, we must put the human at the heart of its strategy and participate in the overall agreement of its teams to achieve better productivity and sharing the same values.

Maison Breedewee makes its spaces available for professional events and offers to co-organize events with companies. An opportunity to discover a new place, atypical and full of charm, in the heart of the historic city center of Luxembourg.

With our different meeting rooms, an event space and an area of more than 500m2, many possibilities are offered with a flexible configuration to meet the different needs of our partners and customers.

A question, a project?

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