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Member Focus: Philip Grother, Founder

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Focus on a member of the Maison Breedewee Business Club: Philip Grother, creator of Test My App. His purpose is to help start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses to collect qualitative user feedback on their application / website.

Philip, can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

I arrived in Luxembourg in 2012, and I became an entrepreneur in 2015 with my company Stepping-Stone. I accompany companies in their growth, with a focus on long-term strategy and win-win relationships. One of the initiatives I have implemented since 2017 is Test my App.

What is Test My App?

Test my App allows companies that develop an app and their website to gather users around them, during several events throughout the year. These events are intended to put the application in the hands of users to give their opinion and ask questions directly to entrepreneurs.

These events are spaced several months in time so at each iteration the entrepreneurs can implement the necessary changes and come back to the next event with the new version and new questions to ask the users. The application and the website can be in their infancy or already accessible to the general public. To date, the applications that have been tested are: Unyte, Wafer, Yollty, Supermiro, Clickbye, CarVROOM and there are already several others on the agenda.

What is your target?

For entrepreneurs, we support both startups and established businesses. It is enough to want to put its application in the hands of users and have the openness to be able to listen to them. We organize public events, to which all users are welcome, so all user profiles can be interesting for entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, we also organize private events, to which only those that correspond to specific characteristics, which the client poses during the collaborative interview, are invited.

Why did you become a member of Maison Breedewee?

Marie-Rebecca Ruivo introduced me to Laura Montereau when we were discussing Test my App and I was able to organize an event there. I fell in love with the place, which does not lack small nooks where we can have real exchanges, as qualitative as the locals themselves.

What do you think is the biggest advantage of Maison Breedewee?

When we arrive at Maison Breedewee, we feel very quickly at home, and we quickly taste the quality of the premises. Apart from the beauty of the walls, as well as the comfortable chairs that make the hours of work very pleasant, there is a real sense of community and sharing that does not fail, too, to nourish the desire to work better projects, with high quality individuals.

How can we contact you?

If I am not at Maison Breedewee, you can send me an email at, via the website or by phone at +352671210287.

Philip Grother - Test my App
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