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Make your website a business generating machine

Following the Training Lunch of Laurent Maillard

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Creating results on the Internet is a work that must be done on an ongoing basis. Indeed, competition, the fact that it is a rapidly changing world and the increasingly high requirements impose regular content and optimization.a

Testing to improve

Launching a project and accompanying it with digital marketing and sales, allows to test, and to ask why. In your development, it is this word that is important to keep in mind: why?

Pourquoi ? Site web

By testing regularly while questioning oneself, risk issues will be spread over time and improvement will be permanent (scrum method). Being agile on time and within budget allows you to be able to pivot if the need arises, optimize features or services and meet the different needs of your customers.

Product + Marketing

The first mistake not to make is to focus only on creating the website. It must be accompanied by digital tools to support your business strategy and get more leads. Examples include emailing, social networks, CRM management, sales actions, etc.

To carry out your strategy successfully, we advise you to make a wishlist of all these actions and focus on the resources you can allocate to them. In a web strategy, the objective is to build its presence on the web, to feed it and to make it evolve.

A few steps to follow to make strangers become visitors, then prospects, to transform themselves into customers and promoters:

  1. Attract: blog, SEO, social networks
  2. Convert: forms, call-to-action, landing pages
  3. Close: CRM, email, automation 
  4. Delight: satisfaction surveys, smart content, social networks
People - who is ?

Know your target audience

In order to establish an effective strategy, the first question to ask is "Who am I talking to? To understand the typical profile of your future customers, it is necessary to define what are called personas.

My perfect client:

  1. Its characteristics
  2. Its objectives are to
  3. What's his problem?
  4. What solution do I bring to his problem

Tip 10x10

Define the 10 interesting themes around your business, and try to identify 10 topics per theme

To attract this customer and offer him content, you need to define what topics you will cover and what you will talk about. To do this, refer to the needs and requests of your personas. The content is not only limited to writing articles but also includes product descriptions, emailings, brochures, events, etc. Your persona must be in your brand.

Would you like to know more about developing a good strategy around your website? Laurent Maillard, founder of Adoraweb, will be able to advise you.

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